“I'm well aware of what is going on in the field of work and that sets me apart as a coach.”

Ellen Pütz

Ellen Pütz coaching

For whom?

Directors and executives of medium and large companies, members of management teams and talented young people on their way to a successful career. For each I have customized training, both one-on-one and in groups.


Personal Leadership Training

Are you at the top of a company? If you work as a CEO or other C-level, you often don't have a true confidant at your disposal. Someone who mirrors you without bias. Someone who trusts you completely and goes out on an adventure with you to find where you stand. To discover what is really important to you, both in your private life and in your career. As a coach, I set out with you. Help you sincerely and intensely to step outside your existing frame of mind with creative techniques and in a safe environment. An ultimate challenge for people who want to get out of their comfort zone in search of a better....



Is your team of good will, but do they tend to preach to their own parish? Is the team homogeneous enough or do different ways of working or differences of opinion make cooperation difficult? Are team members not willing to come out of their personal 'bubble' and is there no mutual click? Whichever way you look at it, things just aren't going the way you expected and think they should be done differently. Better and especially more focused. With me, individual members of the team get plenty of attention without losing sight of the team's cooperation. It leads to understanding each other, willingness to listen to each other and a better understanding of the path to the end goal. My unorthodox methods are not only effective but also extremely enlightening.


Talent coaching

You have heard it many times: you have talent, do something with it. A diamond in the rough like you that still needs some polishing to reach its full glory, has infinite possibilities. Let me help you explore and develop those talents so you can start doing what you do best. That which gives you energy, joy and fulfillment. If I coach you, you will look at yourself more positively, you will come to be more self-aware in life without neglecting the balance between career and private life. Are you talented enough to map your possibilities with me?