Life experience, combined with knowledge and skills from and in the business world, I supplemented with training in LMI (Leadership Management International), Certified Gallup Clifton Strengths Coach and IPEC energy leadership coach CPC.

A perfect foundation for understanding, empathy and being able to put yourself in your coachee's shoes. I have been doing this since 2013. Then I started my own agency for coaching and assessments and still do it with great pleasure.

Why Ellen?

I am not one of those 'soft-hearted healers......' Yet the reactions to the coaching programs are mainly about my enthusiasm, professionalism and 'out of the box' approach. Anyone who is used to dealing with top people from the (inter)national business world knows what goes on at the top, knows where the snags and traps are and when pitfalls lurk like grim game breakers. That person is me. Seasoned in entrepreneurship. Coach of well-known names at well-known companies at home and abroad.

Rediscover yourself

I oversee the coupling of heaviness and function in careers, see opportunities that lie ahead for you and the challenges this presents. I know better than anyone that there will be times in your life that call for a confidant. Someone who temporarily walks with you, runs with you or paces you through important choices. To help you discover new connections and sharpen your vision.

Confronting & challenging

Together we make the most of your talents, formulate crystal-clear goals and work towards them in a focused way. This is no sinecure. It is sometimes confrontational and challenging, sometimes also complimentary. After all, the focus is not on the problem, but on the solution. Do you dare?

Result counts

When you join forces with me, I expect you to go all the way. I know very well what I'm talking about, I am vulnerable so you know that I am a human being of flesh and blood. This is an absolute requirement for me as your confidant. By creating a safe situation together, you can also make yourself vulnerable. It ultimately ensures the best result.

Courage de vivre

I don't hesitate to confront you. That is in my nature. In our conversations, I experience not only my own emotions, but yours as well. I'm not a dime a dozen coach, a standard coach or self-help guru. I am the coach who goes that one step further, to the core. Only then are you assured of getting the maximum you can out of yourself. Don't just accept what life offers and brings you, set your own course and make that journey!